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The picture above is an example. It represents a mask painted with a 2 color scheme a simple logo and simple stripes, no graphics on the backplate. If the backplate is left alone and stock then the price will be $330.


This type of design is meant to be done in a day with a next day pick up or shipment. The mask must be brand new or free of any chips, scratches or anything deep enough to require heavy sanding and priming. If the base color of the mask is to be changed e.g. (white to black) then that will be an extra $25.

Any additions or upgrades such as a cage (powder coated) or steel, pro straps (open back plate), will be extra and the cage will need 2 weeks to be powder coated. Straps also could take a week as well.

Any additions to a design like this will also be extra and the delivery time will be affected.

A simple monochrome (black and white) design that meets the same simple criteria will start at $300.

All projects require a $100 deposit. The deposit is part of the price. Besides cash, I accept Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, and Apple Pay. Click the Contact Detroitairfx tab at the top to send a request!

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